Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Rides Fire Apparatus to Film Premiere

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stole the spotlight on Tuesday evening, May 26 when attending the Hollywood premiere of his new movie “San Andreas”. The 46-year-old actor rode a Los Angeles Fire Department truck with an LAFD helicopter flying overhead. 

Johnson told USA Today of his unique arrival, “I spent time with the LAFD prior to the role. Now after the movie has come out, we wanted to arrive in style and pay homage and honor the first responders and the LAFD.” Before the premiere, he spent time with the firefighters at Fire Station 27 in L.A. “I hung out with the boys. They cooked for me. They made great food from Hawaii. I spent some time with them. I met the chief. And then we came over here,” he shared. 

Director Brad Peyton joked about Dwayne’s arrival, “When Dwayne makes an entrance, I either aim the camera or step aside. He’s the best.” 

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