Emergency Vehicle Warning System Designed to Create Safer Highways

The Emergency Vehicle Warning System is specially designed to allow police, fire, and ambulance vehicles the ability to alert motorists with a visible and audible signal that is received inside nearby automobiles. This signal would be transmitted directly from the approaching emergency vehicle by a device configured with the vehicle’s own power supply to its receiving counterpart installed into the consumer’s automobile. Once the signal is obtained, an audio alert, as well as a flashing display will warn the driver that an emergency vehicle is approaching and that they are to yield the right-of-way. Test marketing via television infomercials has been completed by Invents and the results show strong consumer interest.

The patent-pending Emergency Vehicle Warning System was invented by Curtis McLaurin of Duarte, California, who said, “As cars have become quieter and more insulated, sirens have become less effective. Also, with music and noisy passengers adding to the distractions of everyday driving, the need for a better warning system becomes clear.”

For more information: http://www.invents.com.

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