EmiControls, Magirus Expand Research into Nozzle Technology, Fire Suppression

Since its founding in 2011, EmiControls, the company that emerged from the TechnoAlpin Group, has specialized in dust suppression, harmful gas and odor control in various areas, and the extinguishing of fires presenting specific challenges. The innovative nozzle technology developed by the company over many years of research has made EmiControls a pioneer in the field of fire and smoke control. The research work in this area is now expanding further in close collaboration with the Germany company Magirus.

TechnoAlpin made initial attempts back in 2005 to use the large volume of fog generated by the turbines for firefighting. The project expanded even more and in 2011 the company EmiControls emerged from the parent company TechnoAlpin. EmiControls then set about the task of combating fires posing specific firefighting challenges, such as in refineries or the chemicals industry.

The effectiveness of the large volume of fog in combating harmful emissions, cooling, and firefighting was then investigated in more detail in conjunction with well-known research institutions. This enabled the young company to take firefighting to a very high level and extinguish fires as efficiently as possible. In 2013, the first series product came onto the market. The innovative nozzle technology of the turbine atomizes the water to a fine mist. Unlike in the case of normal water drops, this covers a wider surface and can therefore absorb more heat. That way, less water is needed, yet the flames can be extinguished more quickly. The fog also stays in the air for longer, smothering the burning object, and is better at binding the smoke and soot particles.

Under the name AIRCORE, the German company Magirus GmbH, that had been devoting itself to the building of fire apparatus, ladders, and fixed and portable pumps, took over sales of extinguisher turbines. The turbines can either be mounted on existing fire trucks or on a remote-controlled tracked vehicle (capable of penetrating areas where humans cannot enter). For its part, EmiControls continues to sell stationary equipment and equipment for odor and dust system bonding.

Two experts, one mission: Their collaboration is aimed at taking firefighting to a new level. The goal is to push the innovative extinguishing concept even further and to fight fires more efficiently in future. Skills are bundled and synergies developed through the experience of EmiControls in the area of mist technology and that of Magirus, which has been developing fire trucks and equipment for 150 years, to make deployment of the fire brigade safer and more efficient.

More: www.emicontrols.com

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