Laerdal™ Medical’s First Responder Airway Management Kit provides first-responders with the basic equipment needed for opening and maintaining a patient’s airway until more qualified assistance arrives. The kit includes equipment to protect the rescuer against cross contamination; a suction unit; pocket and disposable face masks; oropharyngeal airways, in 60-, 80-, 90-, and 100-mm sizes; disposable gloves; antimicrobial towelettes, and a disposable infectious waste bag.

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The K1S-40 adjustable depth gauge accessory, designed to fit any chain saw to lessen the chances of cutting supporting members or hidden objects, now comes standard with the VcntMastcr Ventilation System. The system includes the option of 59 cc or 77 cc engine and the following standard features: 404 pitch/ 063 gauge F.D, carbide chain, 20inch special hard nose bar, and a vertical ventilation training video.

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ZEBRA ZORB™ Oil Only Polypropylene Sorbent products from ITW Devcon repel water to provide fast cleanup of most nonaqueous liquids, including petroleum, petroleumbased solvents and paints, vegetable oils, and nonwater-soluble oils. They can be used for cleanup of floating spills, since they remain buoyant even after becoming soaked with oil.

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Thermal Concepts, Inc., manufactures a patented, firefighter-designed hood designed to reduce heat stress during rehab and overhaul procedures. The Evap Cap™ is made from terry cloth material and has a Velcro™ closure at the neck. It is worn wet under the helmet during overhaul to cool the head and neck areas by facilitating the natural evaporation/cooling process of the human body.

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Smoke generators from Superior Signal Company, Inc., produce dense smoke for simulation of outdoor hazardous-materials incidents and other major industrial disasters. The smoke is visible for miles, giving it a “real-life” quality. The generators are offered in various sizes.

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The Veeder-Root Company offers a new snap-in SiteFax fax/modem module for its TLS-350 Monitoring System. Automatic dialing fax capability allows for the automatic transmittal of inventory, alarm, and status information from the TLS-350 to fax machines. It is designed to help station managers and operators keep a close watch on operations and respond more quickly to alarm conditions. It offers automatic redial, accepts up to eight preprogrammed telephone numbers, and has programmable auto-dial capabilities.

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Edge Industries, Inc., has designed a tool holder and a safety device for use with its Cutters Edge ventilation saws. The Scrench Holder allows the user to attach the “scrench,” the combination screwdriver/ wrench that comes with the saw, to the saw, for ease of access, while the D-8 guard/depth gauge completely covers the cutting chain, protecting the operator from possible contact with the cutters while controlling the depth of cut to a predetermined setting.

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Phoenix USA’s DOT liners (wheel simulators) are made of 304L stainless steel, which resists rust, staining and discoloration. With permanently attached simulated lug nuts and lug-nut covers, the liners’ one-piece design reduces “spin-out” rust. A rolled “safetyedge” protects against tire shipping damage and installer injury.

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The Ocenco M-20 self rescuer is a selfcontained, compressed-oxygen device designed to be worn when working in or entering a confined area. The NIOSH/MSHAapproved unit operates independently of outside air to protect the user in the event of an oxygen-deficient or toxic atmosphere. Its closed-circuit oxygen system activates automatically upon donning.

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Telex Communications’ Ear-Mike® features a transducer that combines the function of a microphone with that of an earphone, in a unit the size of a hearing aid. The Ear-Mike® (KM200IS) has an intrinsically safe listing in accordance with HI. 913 standards. It has been approved as a system with eight Motorola model radios, Kenwood’s TK-330, King’s LPQ, GE’s MFI, and lcom’s CH-18.

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The Cotnbitox Nova, an air-purifying respirator from National Draeger. is now available in a half-mask format It is made from a soft, lightweight silicone; features a one-clip head strap (for quick sizing adjustment), few replaceable parts, and clear speech communications; and offers a design that simplifies assembly, replacement, and storage.

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The Monogram portable radio from Ericsson CiE Mobile Communications provides high power (five watts) or low pow er (one watt) transmission and channel-busy lockout. Options include a speaker microphone, a highcapacity battery, and a rapid charger. The 10channel portable is PC field-programmable.

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JaBro Batteries. Inc., has introduced the Telepower Conditioner/Analyzer battery maintenance system, which offers reliability at effective cost. Ideal for nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries used in land mobile radios, video cameras, cellular telephones, medical devices, and laptop computers, the Telepower system is available in five different models that can condition and analyze up to six batteries simultaneously.

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AMSOIL’s diesel fuel additive concentrate treats and cleans fuel systems, reducing exhaust emissions, improving low-temperature starting, increasing fuel economy, and providing protection against rust and wear. The additive dissolves EGR deposits and other contaminants to provide a uniform spray pattern; lowers the fuel’s pour point; has a highly alkaline chemistry, which neutralizes the acidic materials that cause engine wear; and inhibits moisture accumulation in fuel tanks.

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Multiplus International Inc. has debuted its Escape Chute on the North American market. Designed for use in office buildings, factories, warehouses, hotels, apartments, hospitals, and schools, the chute is constructed from heavy-duty polyester fabric; the outer shell is treated for flame resistance. It can withstand a live load of 15.000 pounds. In one test, 34 people descended the chute within a one minute period.

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The Firefighter-250 from Rapid Response Systems can be attached to and towed by most fire apparatus; can deliver 250 gallons of w ater or foam solution at 30 gpm, 250 psi, for 10 minutes; and features 150 feet of fxx>ster hose and a universal hitch.

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Data Entry Systems’ FIRELINE fire inspection software, when integrated with Data’s Scriptwriter II data collection software, offers the possibility to record information during fire inspections quickly and efficiently through pen-based computer technology. Inspectors can fill out customized forms on the electronic clipboard, later uploading the information into the department’s PC or network. The system can be customized.

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Combining traditional cruiser jacket style with a new’ Super Taslan shell fabric, Blauer’s 5270 Excel ” jacket carries a number of features, including double-entry front pockets, zippered side vents, and a detachable liner and pile collar, which, when attached, allow the jacket to weather harsh conditions. Vi’ith the collar and liner removed, the jacket is appropriate for milder conditions.

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humidor Safety Products’ GasPro SGM-1000 detects levels of specific toxic gases as w’ell as oxygen depletion. The unit has audio and visual alarms to alert the user when toxic levels are reached. The unit operates on a single, nine-volt battery: zero and span can be adjusted. The unit is intrinsically safe for use in areas designated as class I, division 1, and groups B. C, and D. Sensors are available for H2S, O2, CO, SO2;. and Cl2.

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