Euramco Safety Features RAMFAN GX350, GX200 PPV Fans

Positive pressure fan from Euramco SafetyAnother PPV fan from Euramco Safety

Euramco Safety, Inc. released details on two of its positive pressure ventilation fans (PPV), the RAMFAN GX350 and GX200.

The RAMFAN® GX350 incorporates RAMFAN’s PowerStream® air-straightening technology, which achieves the highest airflow from an 18” PPV fan in the market, at 18,705 cfm. It has been confirmed by AMCA, and results are available to the public on the website. The GX350 is also equipped with the industry’s first integrated misting system, for rapid atmosphere cooling, eliminating the need for separate parts which take up compartment space and block airflow when installed. The RAMFAN GX350 is built with RAMFAN’s fully-welded “roll-cage” design for maximum durability over the long haul. With it’s standard Honda GX200 engine, simply the most reliable small engine on the market, the RAMFAN GX350 has the lowest life cycle costs of any fan on the market.

The RAMFAN® GX200 series set the bar again for the world’s lightest PPV fan. The new “L” model, GX200L, designed for one-handed carry up staircases, weighs in at only 36 lbs! This is a full 12 lbs lighter than its bigger brother, with the full roll-cage, GX200. The new RAMFAN GX200L simplifies everything, while compromising nothing. Pre-tilted configuration allows you to simply setback the fan until for center of the door vent position is reached. Equipped with the Honda GXH50, this unit will address weight, airflow and CO emission target for your department. 36 lbs, 12,800 cfm (see website for confirmation), and CARB-certified with emissions so light it will barely register on CO meters due to its small displacement engine.


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