Better Tools, LLC Expands Their EZ Spanner™ Line of Fire Hydrant Tools

EZ Spanner fire hydrant tools

Better Tools, LLC has announced the expansion of their unique line of firefighting tools.

“We identified efficiency and safety needs from speaking with many firefighters and fire departments nationwide regarding deficiencies related to different tools for different situations. We are now able to offer fire hydrant wrenches that fit any department’s budget,” said Dennis Garrison, Firefighter and CEO of Better Tools, LLC

All of the new fire hydrant wrenches developed by the company include three custom designed hooks that grab onto fittings in a far superior manner than current tools, reducing the problem of the tool slipping off the fitting and causing injuries.

Also, added to the popular EZ Spanner™ line of tools is a breaker bar to add leverage to open tough hydrants and a non-ratcheting wrench for budget conscious departments. The affectionately named “Billy Goat” wrench has two ratcheting sockets without an extendable handle to keep the cost down. The new the EZ Spanner™ Tool-Hose-Bag is made to complement the EZ Spanner™ line of tools, and will also be compatible with most of the common hydrant tools in the field. The bag attaches directly to the supply hose with three VELCRO straps, and will even expand with your hose when it is loaded. Additionally, it holds a variety of selected hydrant tools.

The EZ Spanner™ was created by a firefighter/engineer and is part of Better Tools, LLC’s commitment to deliver the highest quality, most effective firefighting tools available. EZ Spanner™ is available by contacting Better Tools, Inc. at (818) 856-1522, or through their distributor network that can be found on their website at

Founded in 2015, Better Tools, LLC offers the only multifunction, ratcheting fire hydrant and fittings wrench. The company plans to bring to market additional tools to assist fire departments and other municipal agencies in doing their jobs easier, better, and reducing injuries.

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