FDIC 2006 Audio On Demand

The FDIC is well known for its exhibition – the largest exhibition of fire apparatus and equipment in the country. But what truly allows the FDIC to stand apart from other fire service tradeshows is its conference component. The best trainers in the world come to the FDIC to instruct thousands of students through H.O.T. (hands-on training) evolutions and workshops and myriad classroom sessions. The fire service leaders that assemble at FDIC are dedicated to you: firefighters and fire officers alike. Below are links to audio files from the FDIC’s main program, general sessions, and interviews conducted during the show.

Stand Up For What You Believe

Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton On The Fire Service, Tom
Brennan, And His New Role In The Fire Service

Presentation Of The 2006 Ray Downey Courage And Valor Award

Tribute To Tom Brennan

FDNY Chief Of Department Peter Hayden’s Keynote Speech

Bobby Halton Interviews Chiefs Rick Lasky and John Salka, Jr., Commissioner Leo
Stapleton, and Chief (Ret) Steve Abraira

Commissioner Stapleton Accepts Fire Engineering Lifetime Achievement

Director R. David Paulison Presents His Vision For FEMA

Chief (Ret.) Steve Abraira of the Dallas (TX) Fire-Rescue Department Keynote

Below you’ll find links to Vendor-Sponsored FDIC 2006 Podcasts. Click on the links to get a feel for some of the exciting products introduced at this year’s show. Browse the links, and if you are interested in some of the products as you listen to the Podcasts, click on the company’s logo on each Podcast page.

FDIC 2007 is scheduled for April 16-April 21, 2007. Visit FDIC.com frequently for information about next year’s show.

Akron Brass Company

Crimson Fire

W.S. Darley & Co.


Ferrara Fire Apparatus

Globe Family of Brands

Kochek Co., Inc.


Paul Conway Shields

People’s Burn Foundation of Indiana

Road Rescue

Spartan Motors, Inc.


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