FDIC 2014 Preview: Quint Essentials

Lieutenant Rob Fisher of Snohomish County (WA) Fire District #7 will be presenting a classroom on “Quint Essentials” at this year’s FDIC.

Fireground support operations (truck work) are the functions on the fireground that equally impact firefighter safety and civilian survivability. Traditionally, dedicated truck companies carried out these functions. However, the “can-do-all” apparatus (quint) has challenged firefighters as to what role they should play and when. The idea of a “can-do-all” apparatus works well when you have sufficient staffing and resources. However, most departments have limited staffing, making a multifunctional apparatus, such as a quint, a single-function operation on the fireground. Students are guided in how to prepare personnel for the fireground response beforehand. Heavy emphasis is on developing standard operating guidelines.

ROB FISHER is a 26-year veteran of the fire service and a lieutenant with Snohomish County (WA) Fire District #7, where he is assigned to the ladder truck. He is also an instructor at the state fire academy; he has an associate degree in fire command.


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