Ferrara Walk-Arounds: Summit MVP Pumper and St. George Custom Pumper

Ferrara apparatus walk-around
Ferrara apparatus walk-around

In case you missed it, make sure to register and login to the REV Fire Group Apparatus Conference and Expo for the Tuesday rig walk-arounds with Ferrara.

In the second day of presentations, the specialists with Ferrara show off the Summit MVP Pumper and the St. George Custom Pumper.

Never before has a truck had such an impact on the firefighting industry as the MVP Rescue Pumper. Maintaining the performance capabilities of a custom pumper while carrying an immense amount of rescue equipment makes this truck truly the Most Valuable Player. Designed with firefighter safety in mind, the MVP features low step heights, frame rail height crosslays and lowered body height to make equipment retrieval easier and safer. The compact pump panel provides everything you expect in a pumper such as jump lines, triple crosslays, deck gun, rear body, hose bed, and LDH discharges.


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