FF1 Moves to New Corporate Head Quarters in New Jersey

FF1 Professional Safety Services has been on the search for a new and permanent location for their Corporate Headquarters and it has finally been found. 34 Wilson Drive in Sparta, NJ will be the new official Headquarters for FF1 and this will be an easy transition for the staff and customers as the new building is about 1,000 feet away from the current office. Cinco de Mayo (Mayth) is the “Go Live” date for the new facility which will especially cater to the Service and Apparatus

“The company is expanding every year,” said Jonathon Van Norman, Owner and President at FF1 Professional Safety Services “we have literally outgrown every office we have been in. It was time to find a big place with the option of expansion and this new building has me very excited!”

The old facility had only 4500 sq feet and the new Headquarters will allow us to house over a dozen administrative staff members with 10,000 sq feet. The most appealing part of the new facility is the warehouse space. “We could barely fit a van, let alone a fire truck,” said Jason Van Norman, Vice President and General Manager at FF1, “we can now bring in a truck, turn it around and still fit a second piece of apparatus and not impede the service team.”

“One of the biggest changes with the new Headquarters will be not having a walk in showroom responders can walk into our stores, grab what they need and be on their way,” said Bryan Crawford, Retail and Marketing Director, “the new building is incredible, we are absolutely looking for ways to re-open the showroom in the near future.”

For now, customers that are used to walking into the Sparta Showroom can head just 15 minutes south to the Roxbury Showroom.

Customers needing service on parts and products will be able to drive to the rear of the new HQ and speak directly with our Service Team on site.

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