2017 Fire PPE Symposium Call for Presentations Open

F.I.E.R.O., host of the Fire PPE Symposium, is looking for cutting edge presentations for the 2017 symposium. We are looking for presenters and presentations that will help us create a conference that engages, challenges and educates the fire service in all things related to fire PPE.  We are especially interested in hearing from:

  • Members of the fire service who have gone through the gear selection process and can discuss the process, challenges and successes they encountered
  • Experts in science and research related to fire PPE
  • Advocates for PPE-related topics

If you or someone you know of can be a resource in helping your colleagues prepare for the future, submit a proposal via email to info@fieroonline.org by August 30, 2016. Download an application here: http://fireppesymposium.com/docs/2017_call_for_presentations.pdf. In particular, we’re looking to showcase innovative programs with proven, practical, and replicable results that address:

  • PPE program management
  • Selection
  • Risk assessment
  • Developing a request for bids/proposals
  • Inspection
  • Cleaning and drying
  • Retirement
  • Recent research projects 
  • Selecting an ISP
  • Cancer awareness and cancer prevention as it relates to PPE
  • Health and safety issues as they relate to PPE
  • PPE limitations
  • Understanding certification and verification
  • Innovations in the fire service
  • NFPA PPE Standards updates and issues being addressed

Submissions must be post-marked by August 30 to be considered.

For more information, visit www.fireppesymposium.com.


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