Find Me 911 Advocates Emergency Call Reliability in Wireless Age

Find me 911 is an organization in formation that supports a robust indoor location capability, which includes first responders, PSAP operators, public safety technology providers and individuals and organizations from around the country who share that goal. The FCC E-911 (cell phone) location accuracy requirements currently in force apply to calls originating outdoors, but not calls originating indoors, and therefore do not protect the “cell phone only” households or anyone placing a 911 call from indoors. Initial funding for the coalition was provided by True Position, a technology provider, whose technology currently works indoors.

Facts about texting and 911:

Seventy percent of calls placed to 911 are from wireless phones.  Nearly one-third of U.S. households do not have a landline.

The ability to text-to-911 is now being testing in multiple counties.

911 operators and first responders may receive unreliable or highly inaccurate location information when the call or text to 911 comes from a mobile phone.

If the call or text comes from indoors there is no FCC requirement that your mobile phone or network be able to identify your location for first responders.

When someone calls or texts 911, the person may not know where they are, they may not speak the native language, or may not be able to speak at all. Providing first responders with accurate location information can save time, when every second is critical.

Accurate location technology exists and is already deployed by some wireless carriers.


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