Fire Apparatus Fleet Maintenance Test Kit Designed for Vehicle Troubleshooting

NASHUA, NH—Extech Instruments has launched the AUT600 Fleet Maintenance Kit, a set of three test instruments essential for effective fleet maintenance. The test kit includes the EX505 True RMS digital multimeter, DC400 mini clamp meter, 42510 mini infrared thermometer, and a rugged case for easy transport between vehicles. 

“Whether it is law enforcement and police cruisers or refrigerated delivery trucks in the private sector, the pressure is on fleet maintenance technicians to ensure vehicles receive preventive maintenance and comprehensive repairs to minimize any downtime,” says Mike Fox, General Manager at Extech Instruments. “By equipping technicians with a rugged and accurate multimeter, a clamp meter designed for tight spaces like an engine bay, and an IR thermometer, managers can ensure fleet reliability and long-term savings. Goods and services can be delivered on-time every time.”

The Extech AUT600 kit is optimized for use on municipal/community fleets and business fleets. These essential electrical and temperature diagnostic tools can accelerate the maintenance of vehicle and mobile equipment in your fleet from heavy trucks and pickups, to forklifts and cranes, to fire and emergency equipment such as ambulances. For in-house and outsourced fleet maintenance services, these tools can be used for fleets operated by law enforcement, fire, emergency and rescue, municipal vehicles, mobile or field fleet maintenance, and for technology installation/equipment up-fitting such as lights and sirens.

The EX505 industrial multimeter is designed to perform in extreme environments. The waterproof and drop-proof EX505 Industrial MultiMeter delivers essential multimeter capabilities you need along with True RMS precision.

Designed to withstand harsh environments such as garage facilities or outdoor field repairs, the meter’s rugged, double-molded housing is IP67-rated (waterproof and dustproof) as well as drop-tested to six feet. The large, illuminated LCD displays a four-digit readout (to 4,000 counts). The EX505 offers a wide array of must-have multimeter measurements including capacitance, frequency (dual sensitivity for a vehicle’s electrical and electronic systems), diode and continuity functions. Users also have convenient, one-button access to frequently used functions: Data Hold and Relative Hold as well as selectable auto-ranging or manual-ranging.

For technicians who must take current and voltage readings on mobile AC systems, auxiliary power, and back-up systems, they know how challenging it can be to obtain reliable readings. Electronic control systems can distort the AC waveform, making it hard for averaging meters to get an accurate read. As a True RMS meter, the EX505 uses a more advanced formula to adjust for such distortions, ensuring more accurate readings when performing AC-related work on vehicles.

Users can also take contact temperature measurements using the DMM’s included type K bead wire probe. The meter features 0.5 percent accuracy and it is backed by a Category IV overvoltage safety rating for extensive electrical protection.

The compact Extech DC400 is a very simple-to-use, mini DC clamp meter with a right-sized jaw designed to reach in small areas in cramped engine bays while providing 10mA resolution and very low-current sensitivity for testing secondary electrical systems. The amp clamp is ideal for essential current and frequency related troubleshooting tasks in automotive, fleet maintenance, heavy equipment, marine, and motorcycle repair.

The four-digit (4,000 count) readout is easy to read and users can select from 2 DC current ranges: 40 A and 400 A. The 40A range with 10 mA resolution is optimized for finding problems where low current variances would be missed by standard clamp meters.

Unlike other clamp meters, the current-only functionality of this clamp meter means users simply twist the dial to one of two ranges and clamp a wire to measure—no additional configuration is needed. Whether fleet maintenance technicians are troubleshooting a truck’s alternator or a rescue vehicle’s genset, the two ranges and go-anywhere 1.2-inch (30mm) jaw opening is compact enough to fit in tight locations like control panels, engine bays and instrument panels. The useful data hold function freezes the display while the zero function makes it easy to perform relative measurements.

In addition to being able to take temperature measurements using the EX505’s type K wire probe, the kit’s 42510 infrared thermometer lets you make safe, point-and-shoot, noncontact temperature measurement with an integrated infrared thermometer that offers a useful 8:1 distance ratio. That means that at a safe distance of eight inches, a user is getting a temperature reading focused on a tight, one-inch spot. The 42510 not only ensures technicians can perform all essential electrical diagnostics, the IR makes it easy to identify trouble on a/c components, ducts, coolant hoses, refrigeration equipment, misaligned belts, electrical wiring, and other components from a distance with point-and-shoot laser accuracy. The compact IR thermometer has very broad troubleshooting applications with its wide temperature range from -58 to 1,000°F.

The AUT600 fleet maintenance test kit includes the three instruments above plus test leads, Type K bead wire probe, Type K to banana input adapter, batteries, and a hard durable storage case. The test kits are protected by a one-year warranty. 

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