Fire Commissioner Wants to Arm Southwest Florida Firefighters

Firefighters in Southwest Florida could show up at scenes armed with guns if one fire commissioner has his way, reports

A new idea from Bonita Springs Fire Commissioner Fred Forbes could give firefighters access to military-grade weapons.

“It is not like the firefighters are the bad guys, they are the good guys. I think they definitely should be able to have it,” said Tami Archey.

“Big trouble, big trouble there,” said Bob Latesky.

“I am thinking primarily of military-style weapons that could be carried in the fire trucks,” said Forbes.

After all the recent violence aimed at first responders, Forbes says something needs to be done.

The idea is to have a weapon inside the fire truck and Forbes also wants body armor for dangerous scenes.

“The idea is astronomical, you are talking about firefighters carrying firearms,” said Bonita Springs Fire Chief Joseph Daigle.

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