Firecom Introduces New Belt Pack

Firecom, the leader in the development and production of headsets, intercoms and other communications products introduced their new wireless belt pack at FDIC 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana. With the BP5-10 belt pack, any Firecom wired headset can communicate wirelessly to a base station mounted on the fire or emergency apparatus. The belt pack provides secure, digitally encoded wireless communication.

Firecom’s wireless communication system has a range of up to 1,100 feet (open field) and a battery life up to 14 hours. A typical fire scene range is 300 to 500 feet, depending on where the base station is installed on a fire or emergency apparatus.

Firecom’s wireless headset and belt pack operate on an interference free band. The headsets, belt pack and base stations incorporate antenna spatial diversity for a robust RF link. The RF range technology will always out perform Bluetooth technology. The technology has been utilized in other industries for years but it has not been applied to the fire industry until Firecom introduced the wireless headset. Firecom’s wireless products have over three times the range and almost 15 times the coverage of Bluetooth.

Firecom’s wireless headsets and belt pack are compatible with the 30XXR series intercom, as well as 110 interface and 210 intercoms. The wireless headsets and wireless belt pack provide the total wireless solution for command vehicles, on-scene first responders and ambulance attendants.


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