Firefighter Designed Pocket Multi-Tool Now Available at TheFireStore

TheFireStore, an online source for firefighting professionals, introduces the all new, Firefighter Pocket Multi-Tool, the Tygh Tool. Designed by Philadelphia Firefighter Dan Tygh, this tool is small, versatile, and can be used for both engine and ladder work. With nearly two dozen uses in one pocket sized tool — this may be all you’ll need in your turnout gear pocket.

Firefighting requires a quick, efficient and safe response. Philadelphia Firefighter Dan Tygh realized that critical time was being lost traveling back and forth between the fire ground and the truck for essential tools, most of which were too heavy and bulky to be carried all of the time. Dan wanted to solve this nagging problem and make a firefighter’s job efficient and effective.

The result is the Tygh Tool – small and versatile enough to be used for both routine and less common firefighting tasks. This heat treated and zinc plated single piece stainless steel tool weighs less than one pound and fits easily in any turnout gear pocket. It incorporates many fire tool functions that would be useful for both engine and ladder work. The Tygh Tool will survive the use and abuse it faces on any scene and is certain to quickly become the most useful tool you carry.

The Tygh Tool has nearly two dozen uses in one compact unit!

*Pry Bar – Pry doors, windows, siding, sheet metal, trim, etc., with beveled fork end or hook
*Disconnect Battery Cables – Removes battery cables from terminals with ease. No need to cut cables or try to remove them with a large pry tool
*Spanner Wrench – Coupling and uncoupling hose
*Residential Gas Shut Off Wrench – ½” wrench
*Commercial Gas Shut Off Wrench
*Oxygen Wrench / ¼” Wrench – Open and close O2 tanks
*Door Wedge – Designed to fit over a hinge and securely keep doors open
*10’ Loop of 550 Paracord – 550 lb. static load capacity wrapped around the handle
*Rope Hose Tool – secures ladders and hose
*Striking Tool  / Hammer
*Glass Breaker
*Nail Puller / Chisel
*Overhaul Tool – Search for fire/hot spots, remove trim, sheet rock, plaster and lath to search for fire
*Marlin Spike – Aids in loosening and/or untying tight knots
*Anchor Point for Ropes – While searching a room or performing a wide area search so that a point of egress is never lost
*½” Wrench – Ideal for removing/changing gas powered circular saw blades
*Emergency Tourniquet
*Bottle Opener
*Rectangular Gas Shut Off – Allows for the operation of standpipe valves and gate valves (1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″ square stem) that are missing water control wheel or handle due to vandalism or theft
* Spanner Wrench for Residential Water  – Aids use of valves missing control wheel (1/4″ square)
*Replacement Handle – Replaces missing handles on gates and manifolds as well as water control wheels on fire suppression systems
* O2 Wrench (5/16″, 3/8″ Square) – using the 3/8″ notch in the handle

Be the first in your department to use this American made, multi-purpose, pocket-sized tool. With its myriad of uses and nearly indestructible construction this Urban Fire Department field tested tool has met the challenges you will encounter on the street. Empty your pockets and lighten your load simply by carrying the Tygh Tool from TheFireStore.

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