Better Tools, Inc. Announces Launch of EZ Spanner Ratcheting Fire Hydrant and Fittings Wrench

Better Tools, Inc. has announced the availability of their recently launched, patent pending, ratcheting fire hydrant and fittings wrench.

“This changes the way we fight fires. I have been injured on the job using my department’s current wrench. It has caused me to have to take time off work. I invented the EZ Spanner from necessity and personal experience to make my job easier and more efficient,” said Dennis Garrison, Firefighter and CEO of Better Tools, Inc..

Starting January 2015 Better Tools has been lending demonstration EZ Spanners to many fire departments garnering unparalleled acceptance and excitement over the wrench. Starting June, 2015 the EZ Spanner has been made available through a network of distributors. Many fire departments will be taking delivery of their new fire hydrant wrenches in early July, 2015.

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, there were 65,800 firefighter injuries in 2013. An estimated 55.3 percent of these injuries were strain, sprain or muscular pain. The estimated cost of addressing these injuries and preventing them is between $2.8-$7.8 billion per year. The EZ Spanner Wrench will directly impact and reduce these costs for fire departments across the United States and internationally.

The EZ Spanner’s unique ratcheting design enables firefighters to open fire hydrants in a safer body position than traditional hydrant wrenches. This is especially helpful when the fire hydrant is obstructed.

Better Tools, Inc. has incorporated three custom designed hooks that grab onto fittings far superior to current tools, reducing the problem of the tool slipping off the fitting and causing injuries.

Leverage is a major problem with the current standard fire hydrant wrenches because of their short length. The EZ Spanner has successfully addressed this issue by incorporating an extendable handle that increases the length of the tool and adds a mechanical advantage to opening hydrants faster and with less effort.

The EZ Spanner was created by a firefighter/engineer and is part of Better Tools, Inc.’s commitment to deliver the highest quality most effective firefighting tools available. EZ Spanner is available by contacting Better Tools, Inc. at (818) 856-1522 or through their distributor network that can be found on their Web site at

Founded in 2015, Better Tools, Inc. offers the only multi-function, ratcheting fire hydrant and fittings wrench. The company plans to bring to market additional tools to assist fire departments and other municipal agencies in doing their jobs easier, better, and reducing injuries

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