FLIR Extends K-Series Firefighting Camera Trade-In Offer

FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:FLIR) has announced that the company is extending its special trade-in program that allows fire departments to receive an even deeper discount on the purchase of a new FLIR K-Series thermal imaging camera when they trade and send in any other qualifying make or model of firefighting thermal camera.

The program began earlier in 2013 when FLIR launched its new K-Series firefighting thermal imager line and it has been a popular program from the start. It was due to expire December 31. Now, the K-Series Trade-in program will remain in effect through the end of day June 30, 2014.

FLIR established an extremely affordable price point for its K-Series line from day one — $3,999 USD for the K40 and $4,999 for the 320×240 resolution K50. The affordable high performance that FLIR’s K-Series cameras offer is helping counties and municipalities stretch budgets further, allowing them to purchase more thermal imagers for trucks and firefighters. The extended trade-in program knocks an additional $250 USD off the MSRP of the K40 and $500 off the price of a new K50. To qualify for the deeper discount, fire departments need to trade-in and send in their existing firefighting thermal imaging camera regardless of age, make, model or working condition along with submitting applicable forms.

The goal is to make it more viable for more firefighters to take advantage of the benefits of thermal imaging on scene. By being able to see through smoke and visualize hot spots, K-Series thermal imagers help improve situational awareness and safety, which in turn helps first responders attack fires more strategically and enhances their ability to find and rescue victims faster.

Visit to see the video about the product and to learn more details regarding the FLIR K-Series Trade-in Program terms and conditions.

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