FoxFury Lighting Solutions Celebrates Nine Years of Providing LED Lights

FoxFury Lighting Solutions formed back in August 2003 with the vision of creating an LED headlamp to allow Southern Californians to surf at night. Early on in product development, FoxFury changed its focus to creating innovative lighting tools that filled niche applications in firefighting, law enforcement, hazardous area and more. The company now offers LED headlamps, flashlights, portable area lights and more to help increase the safety and efficiency of first responders and industrial professionals worldwide.

FoxFury opened its doors back in 2003. While LEDs technology was less sophisticated at the time, FoxFury felt they were the future of lighting technology and opted to use them in all lighting products from that day forward. Advancements in LED lighting systems and components have helped increase the utility, performance and value of FoxFury’s lights. 

FoxFury initially offered wide angle LED headlamps, which provided both focused task lighting  and panoramic lighting. Many of these early headlamps utilized white and green LEDs, which helped improve color rendition and depth perception for firefighters and rescue personnel. Customer feedback helped FoxFury learn ways to improve upon its lighting designs along with identifying additional underserved niches within key markets. 

Customer demand and requests for new products fueled the addition of right angle flashlights, shield lights, and rechargeable area lights to FoxFury’s product line. Lights are now available for photography, refineries, forensic investigations, special operations and more. FoxFury’s lights have been found invaluable as emergency lighting in blackouts and in disaster preparation, recovery and remediation.

“We’ve been blessed and very thankful that so many end users have relied upon the lights we create. Their feedback has enabled us to continuously improve the performance and quality of the products we offer,” said Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury.  


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