GreenStar Concepts LLC Partners with Top E-Learning Company

First response teams and city and county workers across the country now have access to a complete and reliable source on electric vehicle charging safety.  As these high voltage devices are on the rise in cities across the country and safety is a top priority for Greenstar Concepts LLC. a Louisville based safety company.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are expected to be in the millions by 2020 according to some sources such as Frost and Sullivan. Emergency officials, city, and county workers still have not received proper safety training to respond to catastrophic accidents and incidents involving these high voltage devices.

The insurance industry has started inquiries into the hazards involved with electric vehicle charging stations and the risks they present.  A number of thefts, accidents, and acts of vandalism on charging stations have already occurred; Because of the number of public charge points that are expected to grow to more than one-million by 2020, we can expect accidents, catastrophic incidents, thefts, and vandalism to grow exponentially.

“There are a number of safety issues and concerns and our 4 hour, work at your own pace e-learning program will give each attendee the knowledge and know-how on proper handling and power termination procedures of these high voltage devices to render the device safe for emergency responders,” said James Maddox, GreenStar Executive Partner.


As certified electric vehicle charging station contractors with backgrounds in safety and the fire service, we quickly recognized the relationship between public safety and this newly emerging technology.  For the last several years we conducted extensive research and compiled data relating to public protection and safety, roadside obstacles and associated hazards, emergency management, emergency response, and training availability.  We developed a robust and informative safety program to aide in preparing the general public, the private sector, and public sector. The demand for an online e-learning program has increased substantially, with the greatest demand coming from our public servants.  We are now able to accommodate the needs of our domestic sectors, and have plans to include the International market as well.

The first responder course-work has been registered with Florida State Fire College and the Georgia State Firefighters Standards and Training Council, to give first responders quicker access to our e-Learning program.

Participants can expect to gain a significant amount of information intended to improve their knowledge and enhance their skills: Charging station identification, recommended practice from industry leaders, to recommendations for improving your existing standard operating guidelines and procedures. The training program provides a foundation for your employees to better perform their duties, improve personal safety, reduce risks, and mitigate hazards that impact the general public.

To ensure the participant is not overloaded with information that does not pertain to them, we offer training modules that have been customized to meet the needs of a cross-section of professionals who will be exposed to electric vehicle charging hazards.  Course attendees will enjoy the simple format that’s both easy to navigate and information that’s easily absorbed without feeling overwhelmed by this new technology. Upon completion of this course, attendees receive a certification of completion.

New technology can be intimidating and typically suffers from the absence of sufficient attention to public safety and training for those who are entrusted to protect us.  To better prepare our communities, Greenstar created an e-Learning program that caters specifically to all first responders, government employees, maintenance professionals, EVSE equipment installers, electricians and tow-truck and recovery agents. Each attendee could understand the capabilities of these high voltage devices, recognize the inherent dangers associated with their presence in public places, and be prepared to mitigate hazards resulting from both man-made and natural catastrophic accidents and incidents.

In order to deliver our training to the masses, Greenstar enlisted help from the best the e-learning industry has to offer;

“Training JumpStart” are innovators with extensive credentials in software as a service technology.  Veterans in training program excellence, they have a proven track record and success in hosting high quality e-Learning programs.

“TJS was an easy decision, because of their extensive e-learning history and user friendly and easy to navigate training portal. The delivery methodology they use proves to separate the mundane from exceptional,” said Robert Wright, Executive Partner of Greenstar Concepts LLC.

Wright goes on to say, “When it comes to electric vehicle charging station safety, nobody knows safety like we do; We will continue to solicit participation from both the private and public sectors to improve safety in electric vehicle charging.”

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