Hackney Continues To Be Special Ops Vehicles Innovator

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When it comes to Special Operations Vehicles for the emergency services providers around the world, Hackney continues to be the innovative leader, not only in features but, just as importantly, in value.

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What makes the Hackney product most unique among it peers is use of its famous drop/pinch frame technology. This innovative feature is standard on all medium and heavy rescue bodies and trailers. By utilizing the traditionally wasted space behind the area where the frame rails normally reside, Hackney is able to increase useable and practical storage by as much as 30% within comparable wheelbase dimensions. In today’s environment where more and more specialized equipment must be transported to a given scene, that is critical to a successful and rapid response.

Storage space within a typical Hackney body or trailer is optimized by the use of simplistic cubes that permits simple arrangement of shelves and trays for quick, easy access to inventory. Up to 42” of compartment depth is provided from the lower floor to the top of the compartment.

Other features that increase storage capacity is the method employed for installation of the standard roll-up doors. All Hackney doors are integral to the body design, not add-on’s. That means that the width of the door opening is the same width as the compartments from wall-to-wall. It also means that slide-out trays are maximized to the width of the compartment, unlike add-on type doors that require the slide tray to be reduced by as much as 5” to 6” in order to clear the door opening. And they don’t stop there. Adjustable shelves are attached to channels recessed into the side walls rather than protruding into the work zones. Maybe that only garners another couple of inches, but today every inch counts.

Introduced this year at the FDIC is the new Auto Deploy Staircase (ADS), so unique that it has a patent pending. The staircase was designed to permit safe access to the roof top storage compartments. The ascent and descent angle is very comfortable and the step surfaces are wide enough to permit safe use even with full turn-out gear and boots. The system deploys by the touch of a button and stows the same way. When deployed emergency personnel can still access the rear compartment without any obstructions. Most importantly, it does not consume any valuable storage capacity within the body, unlike staircases that consume as much as 30% of a typical rescue body.

All Hackney vehicles are fully multiplexed, providing great flexibility of options, system alerts, text messages, graphics displays and even incorporation of GPS. The text screen will also display vehicle information such as lubricates, fluid capacities, filter part numbers, serial numbers for engine, transmission and other key components and contact information for service and warranty. Use of multiplexing dramatically reduces the amount of wiring harnesses and terminal connections, which translates to significant reductions in system failures associated with older technology that employed multiple wiring harnesses and gobs of relays.

Hackney’s degreed engineering staff employs Pro-E three-dimensional modeling software for the design of its vehicles, all of which are customized for the specific mission of its customer base which includes most all the major metropolitan areas of the United States. Use of Pro-E is another method employed, along with manufacturing efficiencies, that reduces cost and provides for the most economical special ops emergency vehicle available feature for feature.

Since Hackney focuses on nothing but Special Ops type emergency vehicles, they have become the leading experts in accommodating all types of special equipment. Regional Sales Managers are located strategically around the country that are available for face-to-face consultations and solving their customers problems with moving a vast amount of equipment with a single vehicle. Visit us on our information rich website or call our sales department toll-free at 800-763-0700.

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