Hale Products, Inc. Announces New Class1 SmartCAFS Product Line

Hale Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the new Class1 SmartCAFS product line. Class1 SmartCAFS utilize Class1’s UltraView controller and feature pre-programmed push-button operation which enables the flow of foam with the push of a single button. The combination of our SmartCAFS system and the UltraView allows firefighters to easily monitor and calibrate complex diagnostics while staying focused on their job. Additional assets include excellent sunlight visibility, multi-language capabilities with plain-text warnings and on-screen tutorials, safety interlocks, adjustable foam to air ratios, and air-to-water pressure balancing.

For even greater flexibility and performance, Class1 SmartCAFS can be added to any of the following pump configurations:

• Qmax-XS
• Qtwo
• Qmax

For more information about the new Class1 SmartCAFS, please visithttp://haleproducts.com/products/cafs
or contact our Customer Service team at 1-800-533-3569.

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