Harrington, Inc. Announces Complete Wrench Set

Harrington, Inc. is please to announce a new product to meet firefighter demands for a complete wrench set, with quick access to all tools — HSSW-501-HW. The features of this product are:

  • Complete set of 4 each Storz wrenches and 1 Storz/hydrant wrench with truck mounting bracket.
  • Storz wrenches can accommodate threaded or Storz style connections.  Capable of fitting onto:
    • 2.5” – 3” rocker lugs
    • 4” – 5” Storz heads
  • All-in-one adjustable Hydrant wrench with built-in 4” & 5” Storz wrench – for disconnecting Hydrant Storz cap, connecting Storz hose couplings, and opening/closing the hydrant.  Foam covered handle for anti-slip handling.
  • Truck mounting bracket with quick disconnect/connect of wrenches – Anodized aluminum – no corrosion.
  • Storz wrenches have a coated handle for ease of use.
  • Storz wrenches are “bent” to allow for easy pickup from a flat surface with a gloved hand.
  • All wrenches are designed to disengage the Storz lock when placed onto the Storz head for quick disconnect of Storz caps and Storz hose couplings.

All wrenches have been field proven to be rugged and durable and compatible with various connections in the field.  Our adjustable hydrant wrench can accommodate numerous pentagon style hydrant nuts, as well as Storz heads.  This is an all-in-one set for every apparatus that has water handling capability.

Harrington, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality firefighting equipment and is the North American agent for AWG Fittings located in Germany. Harrington and AWG products include intake valves, gate valves, gated wyes, Storz adapters, foam equipment, and suction hose.  Harrington operates out of Erie, PA and has been supplying products to the fire industry for over 25 years.  

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