Hidrent Announces Business Partnership with Callbox Storage


Hidrent, a marketplace that helps firefighters supplement their incomes during their off-duty days, is excited to announce that they have recently formed a business partnership with Callbox Storage. After connecting off-duty firefighters with homeowners for small tasks over the last 1½ years, Hidrent is now testing out the B2B market offering firefighters even more opportunities with steadier hours.

The pilot test with Callbox Storage took place in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, and involved help with the build-out of luxury apartments. The scope of work included: moving furniture, unboxing and building furniture (beds, chairs, tables, coffee tables, entertainment stands and desks), hanging TV’s, artwork, curtains, and mirrors and stocking kitchens.

All firefighters that participated in the test responded that they would accept the opportunity to do it again. One firefighter took the hours to help pay for classes and save for paramedic school.  nother was funding his son’s upcoming birthday. The company plans to establish more strategic partnerships with businesses throughout the foreseeable future to meet the varying needs of firefighters during their off-duty time.

About Hidrent Inc.

Hidrent is currently available in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio and the Tampa–St. Petersburg–Clearwater area. Since 2018, more than 28,000 consumers have downloaded the Hidrent app, while more than 3,300 firefighters have downloaded the Hidrent Pro app (the version used to accept job offers). There have also been more than 1,200 jobs completed so far by firefighters.

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