Hillsborough County (FL) Fire Rescue Purchases Active Air Purification Systems

Active Air Purification System

OCALA, FL—E-ONE®, a subsidiary of REV Group, Inc. and a manufacturer of fire apparatus, has received an order for 63 Active Air Purification Systems to be installed into existing fire apparatus by Hillsborough County Fire Rescue.

E-ONE’s Active Air Purification System kills 99 percent of pathogens, including COVID-19, in the air and on surfaces, providing better air quality and a safer cab environment. Designed with advanced photohydroionization™ (PHI) and UV technology, this system also offers:

  • Proven reduction in sneeze germs by 99% within three feet (Active Air Purification helps mitigate infection risk but should be used in conjunction with procedures in compliance with NFPA 1581, Standard on Fire Department Infection Control Program, or equivalent department policy. This device does not filter fireground contaminants.)
  • Proven efficiency on microbes (third-party tested on H1N1, Avian Flu, sneeze test)
  • Proven impact on odor reduction

The Active Air Purification System’s compact design allows it to be mounted in various locations within the cab while still achieving the same results, giving Hillsborough County the flexibility needed to retrofit the system into its existing vehicles. These units are being funded by the county through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. 

“Personnel safety is Hillsborough County Fire Rescue’s highest priority,” said Fire Chief Dennis Jones. “When we began searching for COVID pandemic protection, the Active Air Purification equipment was uniquely capable of providing a level of protection and peace of mind for our frontline personnel. It has the additional benefit of enhancing the cancer preventing Clean Cab design.”

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue worked with REV Technical Center , E-ONE’s Florida dealer, on the purchase of these units. Due to rising concerns about first responders’ exposure to COVID-19 and harmful contaminants from firefighting gear, E-ONE continues to see a growing demand for the Active Air Purification System from fire departments throughout the country.

“E-ONE is proud to partner with Hillsborough County Fire Rescue on the industry-leading Active Air Purification System,” said Larry Daniels, E-ONE’s Director of Sales. “Our first responders deserve every defense possible against harmful pathogens as they protect and serve our communities. This advanced technology offers a safer environment anytime they are in the truck.  Protecting our first responders is a priority for both Hillsborough County and for E-ONE.” 

For more on the Active Air Purification System, go to e-one.com

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