HME and Cobalt A/V announce the DX300ES Tactical Wireless Headset System

HME and Cobalt A/V announce the debut of the new DX300ES Tactical Wireless Headset Radio System for public safety and other communication critical tasks. The DX300ES supports hands-free “hot mic”, two-way digital conversations for up to 15 headset users while simultaneously monitoring external radio traffic with remote transmit capability. The base station’s compact design makes it highly portable, quick to set up and easy to operate.

Ideal for today’s frequency-congested markets, the DX300ES is a digital spread spectrum 2.4 GHz system that requires no frequency coordination or license to operate. Uses include SWAT, drug task force, aerial ladder fire truck operations, public safety training, crane rigging, protective clothing or SCBA communications, flight line, and manufacturing production line.

According to Cobalt A/V’s David Fried, “We are very excited that HME, an innovative product leader of fast food, football coach and event production communication, has chosen Cobalt as a partner with the DX300ES. We believe our Cobalt headsets add flexibility and value to the new HME system. Our Cobalt dealers who are primarily in the two-way radio field will now be able to expand their customer base with the benefit of HME’s first-in-class technology and provide reliable and economical voice communication in this specialized application field.”

According to HME Product Manager Rick Molina, “The DX300ES provides advanced multi-channel digital wireless communications with the ability to activate multiple relay closures both separately and simultaneously. The System is easily configured to operate with almost any portable or mobile radio interfaced at the base station. The encrypted audio and wireless transmissions provide a secure link for critical communication with over 300 meter range.”

The DX300ES system can be easily and reliably expanded by “daisy chaining” multiple base stations over standard CAT5 network cable to increase the number of simultaneous “talkers” in a conversation.

For inquiries about the HME DX300ES Wireless Headset System or other CobaltAV products, call 1-800-264-6021 inside the U.S., or 1-859-299-9494 internationally. Log on to HME can be reached at 1-800-848-4468 inside the US, 1-858-536-6060 internationally, or log to

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