How Corporate Grants Fund Firefighter Training

Industries worldwide are showing marked improvements in creating or maintaining a “safety culture” as a means of reducing onsite occupational hazards.  This concept has expanded to the community level, as corporations are reaching out and creating partnerships with Fire Departments in their communities to prepare for or offset the potential for large-scale disasters.

Companies that grant the funds for the purchase of HazSim® HazMat Training Simulation System to fire departments have found a meaningful way to contribute to the safety of the firefighters who serve their industrial communities. Transportation companies, chemical, rail, oil and gas facilities are taking steps to ensure their fire departments are outfitted with safest, most effective Hazardous Materials Simulation Training Devices on the market. They chose the HazSim®.

The HazSim® is a low-cost, hands-on HazMat training simulation system that is being utilized throughout the US.  Since the company’s launch in 2011, HazSim® has trained thousands of first responders at city and county fire departments, fire districts, training facilities, schools and industrial site response teams.  Anywhere there is a hazardous materials response team, the HazSim® HazMat Training Simulation System has been applied.

Budget cuts are real.  State, county and municipal fire departments are operating at minimums in many states throughout the U.S. due to consistent budget cuts.  Training budgets are being slashed and the availability of federal and state grants to support them is decreasing yearly.   Unfortunately, injuries and death of firefighters are on the rise.  Fire Engineering Magazine reports that “10% of all line of duty deaths (LODD’s) occurred during training.”

Firefighters who handle Hazardous Materials require the highest level of training possible to ensure they are prepared for the most dangerous situations. The HazSim® HazMat Training Simulation System was created by a team of firefighters who saw a safety gap in their hazmat training. Keeping Firefighters SAFE during training was the ultimate goal. The HazSim® HazMat Training Simulation System was designed to be affordable, easier to use, rugged and most importantly –SAFE.

The HazSim System First Responder ® is a 6 gas training simulator that starts at only $4500. Applications for the First Responder are for the rural, volunteer or smaller agency. Larger agencies or training colleges prefer the HazSim Pro®. The Pro has a whopping 18 meters with a fully customizable interface. Pro systems are supported with our “Train the Trainer” program at an additional cost.

Corporations interested in the HazSim® Grant to Firefighters Program should visit our contact us page.


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