Howe and Howe Tech Launches Extreme Bulldog 4×4 Wildland Firefighting Brush Truck

“2,000 Gallons of Go Anywhere.” Bulldog 4X4s are becoming ever more popular because they’re indestructible, immensely capable, and inexpensive. Bulldog’s are in full production for 2015’s orders from around the U.S.  Inquire now to hold current lead times of 2 to 3 months.


Waterboro (ME) – In a time when U.S. municipalities struggle to find funds for their first responders and their necessary tools, Howe and Howe has come to the table and developed an inexpensive yet extremely capable wildfire fire truck that’s capable of delivering over 2,000 gallons of water or foam to the most extreme and remote areas.

Although most 4X4 wildland fire trucks are capable of delivering only 400-500 gallons, the Bulldog’s size and durability allow for the delivery of 2,000 gallons, making the Bulldog much more efficient and practical both to the fire fighters and the taxpayers. You simply get more “bang for your buck” with a Bulldog 4X4 fire truck.

Furthermore, by streamlining factory production and perfecting the engineering process, Howe and Howe Tech has been able to reduce the Bulldog’s final cost while increasing its overall capability. Howe and Howe Tech have allotted for over 50 4X4 Bulldog builds in 2015.

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