Hundreds Attend Vigil for Fallen NY Firefighter

Hundreds gathered in the cold at Owego (NY) Firefighter Memorial in honor of Capt. Matthew Porcari, reports

“I mean everyone is feeling an emptiness tonight,” said Dave Radigan, second assistant chief of the Southside Fire Department in Owego.
More than six different fire departments, showing their support in numbers, tried to fill that void, especially for Porcari’s family.

Some didn’t know the 34-year-old father of two killed in the line of duty Monday night. But it didn’t matter. The brotherhood and sisterhood of the firefighter community means everyone is there for one another, especially in times of need.

“We stick with our own and we support each other in times of loss like what happened last night, and we are here to give our support,” said Capt. Tyler Colb, of the Choconut Center Fire Department.

Others knew him beyond the fire services.

“I’ve know him since he was a little boy and my son is a fellow firefighter,” said Fran Thomas. “He was a hero in every sense. Not just as a firefighter, but as a son, a brother as a father.”

The night’s chill was met with cries of sorrow and quiet comfort.

At times, only the hum of the fire engines lining the square filled the silence, with just a moment of the spontaneous singing of “Amazing Grace.”

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