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The HydroVent in use at a fire.

The HydroVent hydraulic ventilation and suppression system was developed by James “Jaws” O’Donnell and his son, Kevin “Little Jaws” O’Donnell. James, a 40-year veteran of the Chicago (IL) Fire Department, who worked on a truck most of his career starting on the west side. He drove Truck 3 for 15 years and spent six years on Flying Manpower Squad 6. He worked at O’Hare Airport for two years and retired from Engine 79 in 1990. Kevin joined Franklin Park Fire Department in 1988 and Hoffman Estates Fire Department in 1990. He was promoted to lieutenant and technical rescue team leader in 2005.

The HydroVent, a tool for structural firefighting

  • Provides thousands of CFM of ventilation along with dramatic suppression of the fire.
  • Setup takes less than a minute by a single firefighter. It pulls heat and smoke out, helps drop temperatures, and slows fire growth and fire extension.
  • Can be left unmanned so more personnel are available at the start of an incident when there are always more tasks than there are firefighters.
  • HydroVent works from the OUTSIDE in, stopping the spread of fire & helping to control the flow path.

See sample videos, download a flyer and learn more here.

Firefighter using HydroVent at a structure fire.

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