Indianapolis Fire Truck Caught in Sinkhole

By Rita Reith

Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department (IFD) Engine 29 was stopped by a sinkhole en-route to a fire at 1418 Finley Ave at 8:41 pm.  The fire was minimal, extinguished within a minute and is under investigation. The house, a single-story residence, was unoccupied.

Engine 29 sustained some damage to the underside of the engine although it is unclear how much.  A wrecker was on scene and will assist with removal of the fire apparatus once IFD Shops personnel has a chance to document the incident.

 Representatives from DPW were called to the scene. No firefighters were injured. The sinkhole was approximately 4 ft x 8 ft.

An Indianapolis Fire Department fire apparatus became caught in a sinkhole.

Indianapolis fire truck gets trapped in a sinkhole.


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