Investigators to Examine How Girl Hit by Fire Apparatus Got There

Coroner’s investigators and police trying to determine whether one of the victims of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 was alive when she was hit by a fire truck have another mystery on their hands — how she got to where her body was found, reports The San Francisco Chronicle.

No witnesses have come forward to say they saw 16-year-old Ye Meng Yuan alive in the area where her body was eventually found after the Boeing 777 crashed at San Francisco International Airport on July 6, Robert Foucrault, the San Mateo County coroner, said. And several photographs taken in the first few minutes after the crash, while inconclusive, do not appear to show her body.

“The question is: How did she get there?” asked Foucrault, who said he is close to concluding his preliminary report of his findings on how Ye died. “We don’t know how she got there — that is what we’re trying to determine.”

Ye was sitting in the back of the plane, according to the National Transportation Safety Board, but her body was found near the left wing.

It’s unknown whether she was thrown from the jet when it hit a seawall and the tail broke off, but other casualties who were sitting in the back – including Ye’s friend Wang Lin Jia, one of the two other girls who died in the crash – were found behind the aircraft.

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