KME to Unveil New Engine Rescue with Digital Panel

The KME 2012 FDIC display will feature a new engine rescue with a compact, all digital pump panel display. The unit brings together the latest technology and functionality required by today’s multi-tasking fire service.

The featured KME Engine Rescue addresses a variety of needs expressed by pump operators, mechanics and fleet services staff.

Increased Storage Capacity for Pump and Rescue Equipment–All body compartments are 29″ deep and full height for 496 cubic feet of storage capacity. The driver side body roof storage compartments are setup to carry a stokes basket and a little giant ladder, both deployable from the rear of the apparatus, while still providing ample storage up top for unique equipment.

Easy Access to Ladders–Ladders are stored in a fully enclosed storage compartment, at frame rail height. This allows deployment at waist height for the firefighter and provides full protection for the ladder in storage.

Safe Hosebed Access–The primary hosebed is approximately 47″ above the rear step providing access to the bed from ground level which will prevent accidents and injuries. The LDH bed is capable of holding 1000′ of 5″ supply line.

Maneuverable Operations–The 34″ pump panel helps to achieve a 187″ wheelbase which provides a short turning radius and the 31′-7″ overall length is quite small given the massive storage capability.

Full Pumper and Rescue Capability–The full height/full depth compartments on both sides bring heavy rescue storage capability while still maintaining a pumper with a 1500gpm pump, 975 gallons of water and 25 gallons of foam.

Simplified Pump Operations and Maintenance–The all digital, touch screen pump display provides both pressure and flow readings and a central controller for all valves to minimize cost. In addition, without handles on the panel, it’s easy to access the pump for full access maintenance.

The new KME Engine Rescue was designed by the fire service for the fire service. It brings unprecedented levels of storage, safety, simplicity and functionality for all engine and rescue operations. KME continues to lead the way in better designs through better ideas.


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