KME Walk-Arounds: 103-Foot Tuff Truck and Pittston (PA) Custom Pumper

KME apparatus walk-around
KME apparatus walk-around

In case you missed Monday’s proceedings, log in to the REV Fire Group Apparatus Conference and Expo for some walk-arounds of KME rigs.

Built to navigate around tight city streets the KME Tuff Truck™ takes maximum drivability to a new level with a cab and body width as narrow as 96” and a wheelbase as short as 198”. Designed with two sets of H style stabilizers fully extending to only 12’ allows for positioning and unrivaled performance on an 11-degree slope. By integrating mitered corners the rear tail swing is reduced by 9” and diminishes the possibility of damage to the rear body. The Tuff Truck has an increased water capacity of up to 650 gallons of water and up to 249 cubic feet of body capacity for enhanced firefighting capability.

In addition to the Tuff Truck, we also saw a custom pumper for the City of Pittston (PA) Bureau of Fire.


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