A Dual-Beam, Class I, Div 1 Flashlight!

HANOVER TOWNSHIP, PA- KOEHLER BRIGHTSTAR, LLC announces a new ergonomically designed flashlight, the Razor FSL. With a dual-beam that helps to prevent trips, slips and falls and a Class I, Division 1 safety approval, the new Razor FSL is sure to become one of your most essential lighting tools.

The Razor FSL’s forward light has a high mode of 325 lumens, carries a 7-hour runtime, and projects 236 meters.  On the low mode, it has 125 lumens, carries a runtime of 24 hours , and the beam reaches 167 meters.  The downlight for the Razor FSL operates either in combination with the forward light or separately. When operated independently, the downlight carries 150 lumens runs for 20 hours, and the beam shines down as far as 63 meters.  When combined with the forward light, the dual beam shines with 300 lumens, has a 10-hour run time and projects a beam of 167 meters.

The Razor FSL has two switches: The forward beam switch is placed on the head of the light and the downlight switch is under the head of the light. For the forward light, the switch is pressed once for the high beam and again for the low beam. The user needs only to depress the switch under the head to access the downlight or press a second time for the combo light.

This Razor FSL includes 2 magnets for handsfree lighting, one magnet is on the integrated belt clip, and a second magnet is at the base of the light. The light provides technicians with the ability to place the light on a steel surface either pointed down at the ground or forward to illuminate a spot area at a distance. It carries a 1-meter drop rating and is IPX7 rated waterproof to one meter. The Razor FSL is a lightweight 8 ounces, operates on (3) AA-Cell alkaline Batteries, and is available in a Hi-Vis yellow color.

Model # 60170    MSRP $39.40

About Koehler Bright Star, LLC

Koehler Bright Star manufactures tough lights that help professionals who work in the mining, marine, industrial, fire, and manufacturing industries and they’re used in some of the darkest, most challenging environments all over the world.   See it all.™www.flashlight.com

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