La Crosse Firefighter Rescues Kids From Creek

A La Crosse firefighter rappelled down to Pammel Creek to rescue two children who had become trapped in the concrete-walled waterway, reports La Crosse Tribune. Neither child was injured.
The initial dispatch call indicated that the children, ages 7 and 10, had fallen into the creek.

But it wasn’t clear when rescue units arrived whether they had climbed over the fence and fallen or had walked there from a more accessible spot, said La Crosse Fire Department Division Chief Jeff Murphy.

The fire department’s Technical Rescue Team set up a rope system to lower the firefighter about 20 feet into the creek, where he confirmed that the children were not hurt.

The team decided that the safest way to remove the children was to walk them to the northeast end of the creek, which is just a trickle not even covering the concrete floor at this time. A firefighter did so.

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