Law Firm Donates Champion Rescue Tools to Two Indiana Fire Departments

Champion Rescue Tools, the leader in next-generation, hydraulic rescue tools able to quickly cut apart the safest, 5-star crash-rated vehicles, announced that two Indiana fire departments are the recipients of the latest technology vehicle extrication rescue tools used by firefighters to cut victims out of auto accidents. The tools are being donated to the Bloomington and Switz City (IN) Fire Departments by Keller & Keller,, a leading personal injury law firm with five offices in Indiana, Michigan, and New Mexico. This donation is being made through Keller & Keller’s significant community-based giving program which has been a major supporter of The Samantha’s House Foundation for years.

The Bloomington and Switz City Fire Departments will each receive a Champion Rescue Tools’ BEAST Multi-Tool Cutter / Spreader from Keller & Keller. Champion Rescue Tools,, manufactures the leading technology vehicle rescue tools able to quickly cut apart the new metals and metal combinations used in the safest five-star crash-rated vehicles.

“Getting victims out of five-star, crash-rated cars is taking longer with older extrication tools, which weren’t made to cut through the sophisticated metals used in the safest new vehicles,” said Chief Roger Kerr of the Bloomington, IN Fire Department. “The donation of Champion Rescue Tools by Keller & Keller will allow Bloomington’s firefighters to cut through these new metals much faster, making sure we can quickly attend to victims and get them to the hospital if needed.”

“The citizens of Greene County, Indiana now have a fire rescue service with the best vehicle rescue tools available to save lives,” said Bryan Woodall, Chief of the Switz City Fire Department. “The Switz City Fire Department was excited to receive the latest technology vehicle extrication tools kindly donated by the Keller law firm in Indianapolis. Continuing, Chief Woodall said: “Five-star vehicle construction technology has complicated extrication of auto accident victims, and Champion’s tools will be an asset to protecting our citizens involved in serious auto accidents.”

Commenting on Keller & Keller’s choice of Champion Rescue Tools for their donation program, Alan Discount, Champion CEO said: “The fire service is waking up to the reality that older extrication tools are not able to quickly cut injured victims out of the safest cars on the road. The Keller law firm’s community donation program is showing foresight and leadership by donating the newest technology vehicle extrication tools to their local, Indiana fire departments to save lives.”

“Keller & Keller has a long history of supporting The Samantha’s House Foundation which helps seriously injured victims of auto accidents. We’ve been searching for donation opportunities to help mitigate these types of serious injuries which led us to donating the Champion Rescue Tools to two Indiana fire rescue services,” said Jim Keller, Managing Partner at Keller & Keller. “We know that firefighters face an increasing problem of quickly cutting victims out of auto accidents involving five-star crash-rated vehicles, and we also know the faster victims get to hospitals, the better chances they have for full recovery from their injuries,” continued Keller. “When we decided to donate the latest technology rescue tools to local fire departments, we chose Champion Rescue Tools as they make the best tools available for firefighters to quickly get victims out of the safest, best-made cars on the road today.”

Champion Rescue Tools,, is the technology leader in next generation, hydraulic rescue tools for firefighters to save lives. The company’s patented line of vehicle extrication tools is proving to be the most effective and efficient tools to quickly remove victims of serious vehicle accidents, particularly in the safest cars being manufactured today. Champion is the sponsor, along with Volvo Cars of North America and leading fire equipment manufacturers, of the no-cost Five Star Extrication Training Academy and Five-Star Crash Course.

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