LEADER Introduces EASY 2000, a New Mobile Large-Flow Fan

The EASY 2000 from LEADER is a large-flow fan that is very powerful (88286 CFM – 150000 m³/h) and designed for smoke removal, cooling, and fire extinguishment of large-volume areas (covered/enclosed parking lots, warehouses, production line, exhibition halls, etc.).

Mobile and lightweight, it is extremely low weight (396 lbs/180 kg for the skid version and 716 lbs/325 kg for the trailer version), which makes it easy and quick to set up.

The EASY 2000 can be mounted on an elevation platform of 23.62 ‘’ (600mm) or 47.24‘’ (1200mm) to ventilate above obstacles like vehicles, walls, industrial machines, and the like.

The steering of the electric tilt and elevation option are done via the motor control panel and the wired remote control.

For more effective firefighting operations, the EASY 2000 is equipped with a misting system for water or water + additive(s) with a flowrate of 65 gal/min (260 l/min) at 7 bar and a range of up 196 ft (60m).


EASY 2000 exists in two versions to meet different configurations:

  • On Skid
    • Movable and usable with forklift truck
    • Mounted on THEIS trolley or similar
    • Can be mounted on bed of vehicle (e.g. pickup truck)
  • Trailer-mounted

More info: www.leadernorthamerica.com


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