Locution Systems Inc Commissioned to Provide PrimeAlert Fire Station Alerting System to Torrance (CA)

Locution Systems, Inc. (www.locution.com), the provider of the PrimeAlert™ Fire Station Alerting System for fire and EMS departments, today announced that the City of Torrance, California has chosen to deploy Locution Systems PrimeAlert™ Fire Station Alerting System for the Torrance Fire Department.

The City of Torrance, California will deploy Locution Systems PrimeAlert™ IP-based Fire Station Alerting and Radio-based Fire Station Alerting.  In addition to IP and Radio voice alerting, Locution’s PrimeAlert™ station alerting system also will provide text alerts to Torrance emergency personnel via their smart devices (e.g. smartphones and mobile computers).  Locution Systems will be providing the Torrance Fire Department with two different voice alerting technologies for its automated 911 voice alerting: the Complete Human Voice technology (the clearest, most understandable automated 911 voice alerting on the market today that comes factory-delivered to meet each fire department’s specifications) and Approximated Human Voice technology (a pliable, trainable 911 alerting voice that allows an unlimited number of sound combinations to automatically vocalize 911 dispatches to first responders.

The City of Torrance, California has six fire stations, and uses the Spillman Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system in its emergency communications center.
Torrance, California fire stations also will be outfitted with a variety of fire station alerting technologies designed to help speed response times, according to Glenn Neal, the president, founder, and chief technology officer for Locution Systems.

“The PrimeAlert™ Fire Station Alerting System has been in operation for decades throughout North America, and it’s been proven in the field to speed response times, and ease stress for 911 dispatchers and first responders,” said Mr. Neal.

In addition to providing Automated 911 Voice Alerting to the Torrance, California Fire Department, Locution Systems also will be providing additional fire station alerting technology in Torrance fire stations including:

* PrimeAlert™ LED Reader Boards (will display the dispatch information visually as the 911 dispatch information is being vocalized to first responders via the PrimeAlert™ system)
* PrimeAlert™ Response Timers  (visual displays located in the fire station’s apparatus bay that will immediately start counting up once the 911 dispatch arrives at the fire station to provide immediate feedback to first responders on their response times)
* PrimeAlert™ Acknowledgement Buttons (a button located in the apparatus bay of the fire station that responders can push to indicate they have received the dispatch and are responding, with the acknowledgement forwarded back to the 911 emergency communications center).

“We welcome the City of Torrance to the Locution Systems family of fire departments being served by the PrimeAlert™ Fire Station Alerting System,” said Mr. Neal. “The powerful and modular fire station alerting technologies that comprise the PrimeAlert™ Fire Station Alerting System are designed to save lives and property, as well as enhance the well-being of 911 dispatchers, firefighters, and EMS professionals.”

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