New Product Manager Joins the MERET® Team

MERET®, a division of Cramer Decker Medical, Inc. announced that it has added a new Product Manager to their team to assist in developing a “new breed” of innovative BLS/ ALS products for first responders.

MERET’s® new Product Manager, Greg Stevens from Riverside, CA, has over 28 years of pre-hospital care and first responder experience in both the private and public service environments. “We are extremely excited to have Greg as part of our team. He’s a seasoned first responder who understands the challenges they face on every call. And he’s committed to easing those challenges by designing a new breed of BLS/ ALS products that work better with the first responder so they can focus on their difficult jobs”, says Scott Decker, President of MERET®.

The recently launched MERET® brand which stands for Medical Emergency Response Equipment and Technology, focuses strictly on providing first responder products that meet the rigorous demands encountered when saving lives.

According to Stevens, “Our new OMNI Total BLS/ ALS System is a great example of the thought that goes into the MERET® design process. It’s just an awesome, logically organized solution for EMS supplies. I look forward to producing the best, highest quality products for my fellow first responders; I want to make their jobs easier. And I’m having a lot of fun doing it.”

MERET® offers emergency medical equipment ranging from portable lightweight composite oxygen systems to a full line of first responder bags and cases, to complete scuba rescue systems.

Decker adds, “stay tuned for a lot of new and exciting things from MERET®. We’re committed to providing a better system of first responder products. I think you’ll see the difference.”

MERET® products will be exhibiting at EMS Expo in Orlando from October 11-13. The MERET® website,, also provides a comprehensive list of EMS related products and information.

Contact: Greg Stevens, Product Manager
PH: 877.222.0200, 714.259.4700
FX: 714.259.4749

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