Dispatchers Injured When Lightning Strikes Salem County (NJ) 911 Center

Five 911 dispatchers were injured when lightning struck the Salem County (NJ) Department of Emergency Services command center during a significant regional storm, according to a report.

NJ.com reported that three male and two female public safety telecommunicators were each shocked while on a phone handling an emergency call via the facility’s new communications system.

The workers continued in their duties and reportedly had to be told to leave their work stations to be taken to an area hospital for evaluation. An investigation is underway to determined why the workers were shocked, the report said.

Handling the Mayday: The Fire Dispatcher’s Crucial Role

A violent storm lashed New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania Tuesday, knocking out power to thousands and killing two people, according to an Associated Press report.

Read more about the incident at http://www.nj.com/salem/index.ssf/2015/06/5_dispatchers_shocked_when_lightning_strikes_at_sa.html.

Thanks to Bob Bartosz for the news tip.


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