One Dead in CA Fire Apparatus Crash

One person was killed when a fire apparatus collided with another vehicle today in Poway, California.

The incident occurred when a fire engine with lights and sirens on responding to a medical call struck a car on its passenger side and pushed it into a light pole, according to a report from (

The fire truck continued through the intersection where the collision occurred, clipped a utility box, and ended up on the sidewalk.

A female in the car’s passenger side was killed, while the driver was injured and transported to an area medical facility.

An ambulance that was following the truck continued to the emergency scene while the firefighters, who were not hurt, tended to the victims.

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For more on apparatus driving, consider National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System: Safe Driving and Intersections, DRIVING APPARATUS IN BUNKER GEAR and Maximizing Simulation Driver Training.

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