Pelican Products Announces Pelican ProGear Sport Backpack Line

Pelican Products, Inc. has announced the introduction of Pelican ProGear™ Sport Backpacks as the newest additions to its newly-established consumer products line, Pelican ProGear (  

“All Pelican ProGear products are built especially for the digital protection and extreme performance needs of everyone from the average consumer to the adventure-seekers, and the new Sport Backpacks are no exception,” said Lyndon Faulkner, President and CEO of Pelican Products, Inc. “Each bag is created with the same Pelican-tough DNA as found in our products used by the military.  We are incorporating this professional protection into our consumer goods.”

Following the success of its initial backpack line — the Pelican ProGear Urban Backpacks — under the new consumer brand, the new Pelican ProGear Sport Backpacks also encompass either a Pelican hard case or rigid compartment to fit and protect personal electronics and belongings.

The integrated crushproof Pelican case in the Elite models features the same military-grade attributes as Pelican’s classic case products (including a watertight o-ring seal with automatic pressure equalization valve), and is designed to safeguard laptops, MacBook® computers, netbooks, e-readers, tablets, keyboards and other accessories. Also included with Elite models is a set of four adhesive, memory foam buffers which secure the laptop or tablet for safe travel.

The new Pelican ProGear Sport Backpacks are offered to consumers in a range of colors (black, orange and green) and light weight styles. The collection appeals to an active demographic with light rip-stop nylon and a slimmer case design that favors Ultrabooks. Pelican ProGear Sport Backpack models include:

  • S100 Elite Laptop Backpack: Protects all 15-inch laptops and 17-inch Apple® products with a built-in, watertight, crushproof Pelican case. The S100 Elite Laptop Backpack also features bottom-expanding sling storage in addition to its top-loading TSA-ready main storage compartment. Other features include a rigid front plate and ergonomic ventilated back panel for tablet device protection – MSRP: $269.95.
  • S140 Elite Tablet Backpack: An integrated watertight and crushproof Pelican case safeguards tablets, notebooks and small netbooks, while also fitting most tablet keyboards. It also features a rigid front plate, ergonomic ventilated back panel and SureGrip soft rubber handle. Additional features include top-loading TSA-ready main storage compartment as well as a padded lumbar storage cavity – MSRP: $239.95.
  • S105 Laptop Backpack: Shielding 15-inch and 17-inch laptops and Apple® products, the impact-protective frame provides 360-degree protection — allowing the S105 to be light weight, yet still provide superior performance. Additional features include a rigid front plate, integrated laptop sleeve and ergonomic design with deep-ventilated channel back panel – MSRP: $139.95.
  • S145 Tablet Backpack: Includes an impact-protected tablet sleeve with rigid front plate offering an additional storage option to the 21-liter main storage unit. The S145 also features an ergonomic, fast-access/top-load design with deep-ventilated channel back panel – MSRP: $109.95.

The S100 Elite Laptop Backpack, S140 Elite Tablet Backpack, S105 Laptop Backpack and S145 Tablet Backpack are available at Additional available product lines include the Pelican ProGear Urban Backpacks, Pelican ProGear Digital Protection (Micro Case Series™ and Hardback™ Series), Pelican ProGear 9420 LED Work Light / 9420 XL, Pelican ProGear Sport Wallet, Pelican ProGear Lighting, and the Pelican ProGear Elite Coolers.

The Pelican ProGear brand includes new, rugged, protective consumer products designed to allow users to transport and protect all that they value, regardless of environmental conditions. Learn more at

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