Phenix Technology Announces TL-2 Miller 1884 Fire Helmet

In 1884, Fred J Miller introduced his “Fire Apparatus and Fire Department Supplies” catalog in New York City. Page 32 of the catalog featured the Miller’s 64-Cone Corrugated Fire Hat, “The lightest, strongest, handsomest, and most comfortable hat yet invented.” 

For more than 40 years, Phenix Technology, Inc. has strove to produce the lightest, strongest, most comfortable, and best looking helmets on the market. They’ve also had a number of customers ask us to produce a helmet with a 64 Cone Design.  When they learned that our mission resembled that of Mr. Miller’s more than 100 years ago, they decided it was time.  

As a result, Phenix will be introducing the Phenix TL-2 Miller 1884, an NFPA-compliant traditional leather fire helmet. This beautiful handcrafted masterpiece pays tribute to the firefighters of yesterday while incorporating the safety and comfort of tomorrow. Available in July through Phenix dealers worldwide. Pricing will be available soon.

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