Phenix Technology, Inc. 2014 New Product Announcement

In the tradition of great leather helmet makers, Phenix is proud to announce their new unique Liberty Art Works finial. The American Made brass finial features a beautiful Phenix that will come standard on Phenix TL-2 leather helmets in fall 2014. 

Historically, leather helmet manufacturers used multiple components to “brand” their products.  The most distinguishable were the filigree located around the top side of the helmet’s brim and the finial that held the shield in place.  Both of these components have had various designs used over the years.  Today, many manufacturers share a similar finial design; however, we are going to change that.  

In old mythology, the Phenix was a powerful, healing, and comforting bird who would live one full life before being reborn more powerful and beautiful than before. Join us as we celebrate the rebirth of our Phenix TL-2 custom leather masterpiece with the new “Rising Phenix” finial.  

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