Pierce Secures Order for Five Ascendant 100-Foot Heavy-Duty Aerial Towers for Montreal (Quebec) Fire Department

APPLETON, WI—Pierce Manufacturing Inc, in partnership with its Quebec, Canada, exclusive Pierce dealer, L’Arsenal, has secured an order for five Ascendant® 100-foot heavy-duty aerial towers for the Montreal Fire Department. The apparatus will be built on the Pierce Arrow XT™ custom chassis known for characteristics that meet the demands of high-volume departments. 

“The City of Montreal Fire Department faces unique challenges as the second most populous city in Canada with unique geographic attributes and infrastructure design,” said Jean Thibault, president of L’Arsenal. “The need for excellent maneuverability along the city’s narrow roads and alleys made the 100-foot heavy-duty aerial towers the ideal apparatus to support the critical work of the department.”

Thibault continued, “The configurations offered by the apparatus address the need for a more compact and maneuverable fire truck with lower travel height, shorter overhang, and lighter weight—without having to compromise on aerial performance.” 

The 100-foot heavy-duty aerial tower offers maneuverability, drivability, operator functionality, and serviceability. Other features include:

  • Midmount configuration that can also satisfy the needs of the traditional rear-mount market.
  • Length under 42 feet and lower overall height (as low as 10 feet 8 inches).
  • 1,000-pound dry/500-pound wet payload capacity.
  • Up to 20-degree below-grade operation and 50-degree below-grade scrub area.
  • Integrated ground pads for rapid aerial operation setup.

For more information, visit www.piercemfg.com.

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