Pierce Secures Order of 11 Custom Apparatus for Greenwood County (SC)

APPLETON, WI—Pierce Manufacturing Inc. has secured an order of 11 custom apparatus for the Greenwood County (SC) Fire Service. The order is made up of custom apparatus including five Saber®FR pumpers, four Pierce® dry-side tankers, an Ascendant® 107-foot aerial ladder, and a Pierce 100-foot heavy-duty rear mount aerial tower. This apparatus order for Greenwood County Fire Service has been placed in partnership wit h South Carolina’s exclusive Pierce dealer, Spartan Fire and Emergency Apparatus.

“We were in search for an apparatus provider who could supply a multitruck order, supply and mount all of the equipment needed to stock the apparatus to NFPA guidelines, and to service the units as needed in the future,” said Steve Holmes, Fire Coordinator, Greenwood County Fire Service. “This significant apparatus order is replacing an aging fleet and equipment that averaged 28 years of service, and we look forward to retiring those trucks.”

Holmes continued, “Pierce Manufacturing is recognized as a leading supplier of apparatus all across the country, and our panel of chief officers was impressed with their product and the reputation of Spartan Fire & Emergency Apparatus, Inc., who presented the offer. They have delivered several multitruck orders throughout South Carolina and received excellent reviews on the entire process.”

“We were contacted after the sourcing process was already underway, and it was a pleasure to show Greenwood County Fire Service officials the superior quality, wide-ranging customization options, and value offered with Pierce apparatus,” said Chris Harris, sales representative with Spartan Fire and Emergency Apparatus. “Our team was also able to assist Greenwood County with a unique financing opportunity that will allow the fire department to put all of the critical apparatus into service immediately following production completion.”

With 12 stations, operated mostly by volunteers, the Greenwood County Fire Service covers over 550 square miles of diverse topography to serve a growing population of more than 67,000 residents. The new apparatus will meet several needs across different areas of Greenwood County, including 230,000 agricultural and forestry acres and two separate industrial corridors. Rural water supply is essential to the county’s southern district where hydrants are not available and this is where the tankers will be shared. The custom Pierce pumpers will be spread throughout the county based on call volume, and they will include several special features including a Saber FR 6010 cab and chassis with seating for five, Cummins® L9 450-hp engine, Allison® EVS 3000 automatic transmission,1,000-gallon water tank, Hale Qmax 2,000-gpm pump, ladder storage in the body, Whelen® LED lighting package, and more.

Over the years, a rising trend in fire and medical call volume triggered the need for a transition to a combination fire service team and support for several apparatus replacements. Greenwood County Fire Service representatives collectively made a recommendation for county officials to secure the multiapparatus order with Pierce and Spartan Fire and Emergency Apparatus, as the agency recognized this as an urgent necessity for the community.

For more information, visit www.piercemfg.com and www.spartanfire.com.

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