Pierce Chooses StreetWise as Exclusive Response Software For Command Zone

StreetWise CADlink announced a new strategic partnership with Pierce Manufacturing, the leading North American manufacturer of custom fire apparatus. StreetWise has been selected as the exclusive response software available directly on the new Pierce® Command Zone™ advanced electronics system.

Pierce Introduces Enhanced Command Zone Advanced Electronics and Controls System

The new Command Zone system offers expanded capabilities to benefit the driver, officer, and maintenance teams – and features technologies such as integrated GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity for a whole new level of performance.

Integrating directly with StreetWise CADlink, the Command Zone system takes scene management to a whole new level. With Streetwise, the officer and scene commanders are provided enhanced situational awareness through a wide range of at-their-fingertips data specific to a department’s geography, including the location of fire hydrants, way points, and other responding apparatus. Pierce Command Zone devices will share common information and will be interactive with other StreetWise devices used by an agency, including tablets running its flagship Android version.

“The Pierce Command Zone system represents a paradigm shift in the future of firefighting operations and maintenance,” said Jim Johnson, Oshkosh Corporation executive vice president and president, Fire & Emergency. “By working with fire departments from coast to coast, we’ve incorporated a wide range of new integrated capabilities while allowing for the integration of future enhancements.”

Philip Kouwe, President and CEO of Hangar 14 Solutions, LLC, the producers of the StreetWise CADlink product said, “We could not be more thrilled to be a part of the Pierce team. Pierce is unquestionably the premiere apparatus manufacturer and we fully expect this relationship to mark a new era of advancements in apparatus technology and integration into response software.”

The Pierce Command Zone system displays its real-time data and diagnostic information through a full-featured and full-color seven-inch industrial-grade touchscreen monitor. Apparatus vehicle drivers benefit from touchscreen “at-a-glance” views of initial diagnostics to ensure that ‘all systems are go’ prior to vehicle departure. Screen views include important safety information such as ‘do not move truck’ warnings and seat belt system usage. Optional capabilities include integrated GPS mapping system that seamlessly directs the driver to any emergency scene. Other available capabilities include tire pressure monitoring, collision mitigation, and outrigger placement if operating an aerial.

The officer and scene commander benefit from the wireless data transmission capability. The Command Zone system operates as its own mobile Wi-Fi network and can simultaneously connect and share data between five smart phones or tablets. Firefighters have access to important emergency scene information through Command Zone monitors or via connected network devices. These remote devices can be used to monitor truck health and vehicle control functions such as HVAC and scene lighting, as well as diagnose truck conditions.

Service technicians are able run and view diagnostic codes and troubleshooting procedures from the touchscreen display, or on a tablet using a Wi-Fi, cell, or USB interface. Data logging capabilities enable the system to maintain a history of each vehicle’s fault codes, warnings and cautions. These are reviewable in easy to understand terms, essentially eliminating the need for special troubleshooting tools and software. The end result is faster diagnostics and increased vehicle uptime.

“At Pierce, we continually push the envelope to provide fire departments with cutting edge technologies that translate to improved response and better outcomes,” said Johnson. “There are three unique Pierce Command Zone displays at FDIC – each showcasing its many benefits to fire departments – alongside product experts ready to demonstrate its capabilities.”

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