Pigeon Mountain Industries Unveils PMI Extreme Pro

Pigeon Mountain Industries (PMI) introduces the new PMI Extreme Pro static rope. If you perform rescues or work at height, PMI’s new kernmantle rope delivers extraordinary performance, strength, and reliability.

PMI Extreme Pro is a revolutionary rope that uses Unicore technology to bond the sheath and core together, resulting in nearly zero slippage between them, even if the sheath is damaged. PMI Extreme Pro has a polyester sheath and a nylon core that are bonded together to provide the ideal characteristics to handle even a shock load from a toothed device such as a handled or chest ascender.

In traditional kernmantle static ropes, when the sheath is damaged, it can completely fail and slip right off of the core of the rope. PMI Extreme Pro allows one to ascend or descend around a damaged section of the sheath without worrying about the sheath slipping down the core of the rope. PMI Extreme Pro allows workers to have greater confidence in their rope with a higher margin of safety and that’s what counts the most in considering the quality of rope you choose to use.

Founded in LaFayette, Georgia in 1976, PMI manufactures life safety rope and related gear. Their ropes and gear are used by firefighters, first responders, rescue teams, rope technicians, cavers, and climbers worldwide.

More at www.pmirope.com.

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