Products/Services/Media: August 2021

Check out some firefighting products showcased in the August issue of Fire Engineering, including the Rosenbauer 6x6 Panthers.
Harrington, Inc.

Harrington, Inc. announces a new “REFLECTIVE” STORZ CAP CABLE as standard on all HPHA and HIHS permanent hydrant adapters. This feature can save valuable time in locating hydrants at night. The 20-inch stainless-steel cable eliminates the possibility of a misplaced cap, while the “reflective” plastic encasement aids in locating the hydrant at night. Harrington permanent hydrant adapters are Made in USA with forged—not cast—aluminum Storz heads. All components are anodized to military specifications for long life and protection from road salt, and so on. (800) 553-0078.

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Streamlight’s VULCAN 180 HAZ LO

Streamlight’s VULCAN 180 HAZ LO. Designed by firefighters, for firefighters. Take total control of your visibility on scene with a brighter, longer-lasting light. Streamlight’s Vulcan 180 HAZ LO provides innovative optics for a cleaner, wider peripheral beam so you can identify and rescue. Rip through smoky darkness with three high-intensity LEDs of 1,200 Lumens that can last more than 5½ hours on higher modes. Experience glove-friendly features like a push-button switch and a larger, rubber-coated handle for a secure grip and no-hassle handoffs. Get exceptional durability and unbeatable power, visit to order yours today. (800) 852-6088.

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LION’s REDZONE PARTICULATE-BLOCKING HOOD provides superior protection against harmful contaminants throughout your head and neck area without compromising on flexibility, comfort, and durability. Its streamlined, two-layer construction prevents 99 percent of particles and promises better mobility, unobstructed hearing, and advanced core temperature measurement for increased comfort for longer periods of time. The Best Protection is Prevention—now only $99 at TheFireStore. (800) 852-6088.

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Bullard’s TXS THERMAL IMAGING CAMERAS (TICs) have been purchased by the town of Rochester Hills, Michigan, for the Rochester Hills Fire Department (RHFD). The purchase of these 50 TXS TICs puts the latest thermal imaging technology in the hands of RHFD firefighters. The TXS TIC is a lightweight, palm-sized thermal imager weighing just 1.6 pounds. As the most affordable thermal imager in its class, TXS offers firefighters a clear and sharp thermal image on the camera’s 3.5-inch display and is designed to be easy to use with simple one-button operation. (877) BULLARD.

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Rosenbauer America

Rosenbauer America’s ROSENBAUER 6×6 PANTHERS will be delivered to Georgia’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in the spring of 2022. The three new Panther vehicles will join the existing fleet of six Panthers that have been working the front lines at the airport for the past two years. The new Panthers offer 700 hp, can reach speeds of 70 mph, and can throw 2,100 gpm of foam more than 300 feet. Cameras and lighting surround the vehicles, so the operator has full visibility day and night, while thermal imaging cameras identify victims and expose hidden fires with Stinger piercing tips. (605) 543-5591.

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OnScene Solutions

OnScene Solutions ACCESS PRO delivers a linear, neon-like experience that eliminates LED hotspots without losing light output—400 lumens for every 18 inches of light. All the while, this efficient 12V DC light consumes 25 percent less energy than competing LED compartment lights with its 50MA per two-inch segment-amp draw. Featuring a 5/8-inch Lexan tube waterproof enclosure, the Access Pro is backed by a lifetime warranty and rated for 100,000 hours of use. Available in lengths from six to 72 inches and cuttable in two-inch increments, you can install these lights into any roll-up or standard-door configuration. (877) 567-4712.

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